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UHMWPE is polyethylene with a molecular weight numbering in the millions, usually between 3.1 and 5.67 million. The high molecular weight makes it a very tough material, but results in less efficient packing of the chains into the crystal structure as evidenced by densities of less than high density polyethylene (for example, 0.930-0.935 g/cm3).

UHMWPE can be made through any catalyst technology, although Ziegler catalysts are most common. Because of its outstanding toughness and its cut, wear and excellent chemical resistance,
UHMWPE is used in a diverse range of applications. These include can and bottle handling machine parts, moving parts on weaving machines, bearings, gears, artificial joints, edge protection on ice rinks and butchers' chopping boards.

UHMWPE used for the construction of articular portions of implants used for hip and knee replacements. As fiber, it competes with aramid in bulletproof vests.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) for its viscosity-average molecular weight of 1.5 million -1200 Wan (ordinary polyethylene 2-3 million) given its superior performance:
1. Abrasion
UHMW-PE wear Habitat plastic crown, and abrasion resistance with a molecular weight of more than proportional to certain metals, UHMW-PE, the higher the molecular weight, the better the wear resistance.
2. Impact resistance
Impact strength of UHMW-PE, in the forefront of all engineering plastics fame, impact strength UHMW-PE is 2 times the PC, ABS, 5 times, 10 times more than the POM and PBTP. Impact strength increase with increasing molecular weight, maximum molecular weight of 2,200,000 when in, and then continues to rise with the molecular weight gradually decreases.
3. The self-lubricating
UHMW-PE has a low coefficient of friction (0.05-0.11), it is an excellent self-lubricating properties. Second only to the best self-lubricating plastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in the absence of lubrication; when it is working to form a sliding or rotating, than steel and brass lubrication lubrication even better.
4. chemical resistance
UHMW-PE has excellent chemical resistance, in addition to strong fluorinated acid, but at a certain temperature and concentration ability of corrosive media (acids, bases, salts) and organic media (except tea solvent). Immersed in 80 kinds of organic solvents 20 and 80 in 30 days, without the appearance of any anomaly, other physical properties are almost not change.
5. The impact energy absorption
UHMW-PE having excellent impact energy absorption, the impact energy absorption maximum in all plastics. Thus noise damping is very good, with excellent sound deadening effect.
6. Health non-toxic
UHMW-PE health non-toxic, fully compliant with the Japanese Health Association, and the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture approved, can be used in contact with food and drugs.
7. nonstick
UHMW-PE surface adsorption force is very weak, and its anti-adhesion ability not only to plastic viscosity best PTEE, thus the product surface adhesion with other materials is not easy.
8. hydrophobic
UHMW-PE, low water absorption, typically less than 0.01%, only 1% PA6, thereby forming generally do before drying.

Parameter of  UHMWPE plate/sheet:
Unit  Value 
Density  g/cm3  0.93-0.96
Average molecular weight   g/mol   3million- 10 million
Tensile strength (23 in air) MPa  22 
Breaking strength MPa 42
Tensile strain at break % 600
Charpy impact strength (notched) mJ/mm2  No break
Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 42
Shore D hardness -- 65-70
Abrasion % 70-80, steel = 100
Static Friction Coefficient  -- <=0.16
Kinetic Friction Coefficient -- <=0.10
Water Absorption -- NIL
Elongation at break at 23 degress  % >=300
Temperature resistance   -269 to +85
Melt Temperature   130-140


1,Used as lining board for bunker,chute,mixer,warehouse etc selflubrication and wear resisting needed areas

2,Made into block,dock fender board etc special purpose and special shaped products.

3,Made into all kinds of mechanical parts according to drawings under the help of lathe,mill machine and mould.

4,Due to the excellent property of high intensity and impact resisting,UHMWPE boards have been used in military include pallet for bulletproof jacket and bulletproof shield ,Protection level III and IV .

5,Other fields include Ice rink,water tank etc .


Size Range of UHMWPE sheet/UHMWPE plate/UHMWPE board:


2000*1500* (5-120) mm

4000*1500* (5-120) mm

3000*1500* (5-120) mm

4000*1200*(5-120) mm

We offer a cut to size service for UHMWPE sheet



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Hot Sale UHMWPE plate
Hot Sale UHMWPE plate

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