Fluxes for Aluminum Alloy

General Description:

Aluminum alloys containing more than 2 % magnesium become brittle with sodium.

Feature: This flux is a compact covering and cleaning granulated flux to remove the sodium in the aluminum melting. It generates low dust and low fume during application. It reacts quickly with molten aluminum and removes the alkali metal (Ca, Na, Li, Sr) and non-metallic inclusions (oxides, carbides, borides) and degassing.


After fusing completed the flux are cooled and they are crushed or ground into ccustomerized particle size.

degassing when injected flux with Argon or Nitrogen.

Applied range:

This flux is used in hypo-eutectic aluminum alloys including those contain high magnesium alloy.

Chemical compositions

Mgcl2 Anhydrous , Potassium Chloride , CaF2 and other salt

Melting Point: 432°C & 483°C

Size of Sodium-Free Refining Flux

Granule 0.8-3.25mm, 1-3mm,Other size can be adjusted according to custom

Package: 1. 2.0kg or 2.5kg or 5kg heat sealed polyethylene (PE) bags into 20 or 25kgs bags or cartons with or without pallet


1) Eco‐friendly flux that reduce dust levels, meet the emission limits of most environmental regulatory agencies

2) Uniform size, reacts fully. Purify the melt improve melt quality.

3) Increases the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles

4) Reduces the number of breaks in continuous casting

5) Eliminates edge cracks when rolling high Mg aluminium alloys

6) Free of fluorides. Zero fluoride emissions.

7) Low melting point for rapid dispersion

8) Low application rates, typical 0.15-0.2% of MT aluminium


Sodium-free flux should be added to the melt at the temperature of 690-750 Degree Celcius. The recommended application rate should be 0.1 to 0.2% of the melt size. Rebel the melt and remove the dross from the top of the molten metal.


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