Automotive rocker arm assembly machine

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Rocker arm assembly machine: rocker arm is part of automotive engine. The machine stations including: rocker arm oil hole check, width check of rocker arm manufacturing process, needle check, shaft length check, riveting, pushing force check, roller flexibility check, roller parallelism check, card assembly, laser marking, lubricating, cylinder assembly, cylinder check and product unloading. Rocker arm belongs to the rocker arm mechanismof engine, which responsible for closing the air gate. Cam wheel shaft drive rocker arm, it is to control the air flow gate open to realize the inlet and exhaust air of engine.

Engine rocker arm assembly machine advantage:

Material shortage indication, reduce manual feeding time

Automatic remove NG parts during feeding

No material jamming, no damage to product, no missing part during assembly

Displacement sensor resolution 0.01mm

Full set of inspection to ensure high quality of products

Laser marking in specified area, printing clear

Related automation solution:


•Automatic feeding

•Assembly machine

•Inspection device

•Laser marking

Machine feature of automotive rocker arm functionassembly machine

To complete product detection and sorting function by multiple detection methods.

The laser marking is clear and accurate.

Machine parameter of Automotive rocker arm assembly machine

Power:AC 220V

Floor space:3550*2550*1800L*W*H



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