Steel Stamping

Steel stampingmaterials are mainly hot rolling and cold rolling steel plates and steel bands.

Orienson's Steel Stamping

Steel stamping materials are high-strength steel with good plasticity, heat resistance, and toughness, which can withstand the large plastic deformation at room temperature and can be cold working such as cold bending, cold drawing, and cold rolling, cold stamping. Relatively, steel prices are lower than other materials, so its application is very wide. Oriension undertakes various steel stamping parts all-year-round, welcome to contact us.

Classification Of Steel Plates And Strips

According to the usage of steel, it can be divided into structural steel, tool steel, special performance steel.

According to the chemical composition of steel, it can be divided into carbon steel and alloy steel.

Classification Of Steel Plates And Strips

Application Of steel pressing

Steel stamping parts are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics and electrical appliances, communication, automobile industry, medical equipment, and other fields. Orienson focuses on the stamping industry for over 20 years and can customize and process all kinds of iron stamping products and hardware stamping products. Welcome customers who need stamping parts from all walks of life to inquire.

Benefits of steel metal stamping

Steel is a widely used raw material with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature strength, and mechanical properties. It has good cold stamping formability, including four kinds of deep drawing, bulging, extension flange, and bending related to the main cold stamping process.

As a professional steel stamping factory, we provide metalwork and stamping, metalwork and stamping, deep draw metal stamping, stamped steel products, stamping machiningand etc. Want to know more, contact us.


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