Benchtop Ultrasonic Coating System

The coating thickness of benchtop ultrasonic spray coating system is controllable: typically from tens of nanometers to tens of microns.

The ultrasonic spray coater could equipped with various ultrasonic nozzle options for different droplet sizes and spray widths.

The Uniformity of benchtop ultrasonic coating system is higher than 95%.

Optional built-in syringe pump reduces required volume of coating material, better for R&D.

XYZ axis servo motion system.

Vacuum plate with microporous in micron scale: excellent for holding thin film substrates.

High-temperature heat plate up to 500 ° C is available for spray pyrolysis processes.

Benchtop ultrasonic coatingsystem is able to equip with almost all of series of Siansonic ultrasonic nozzles such as Widemist, Focumist, Conemist, Micromist, etc. Benchtop ultrasonic coating system is also includes precision metering pump such as syringe pump which can be sonication syringe pump for option, carrier gas controller, vacuum heating plate or high temperature heating plate up to 500 °C for spray pyrolysis, exhaust system, touch screen, etc. Benchtop ultrasonic coating system is optimal for research and development or small volume production of thin film coatings and capable of reducing the minimum requirement on liquid volume (only around 5-10ml) using integrated syringe pump.

Ultrasonic spray coating which is a thin film layer deposition technique based on ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology can deposit highly homogenous and controllable coating. Furthermore, since the atomization of ultrasonic spray coating is due to ultrasonic oscillation rather than the gas with high kinetic energy, ultrasonic coating significantly reduces the consumption of raw materials due to little overspray and splashing. The transfer efficiency of raw materials of ultrasonic coating is as high as 4 times of air spray coating.

Siansonic benchtop ultrasonic spray coater are used for various of applications on thin film coatings deposition such as catalyst coated membrane (CCM) for fuel cell, functional layers for thin-film solar cell, functional layers for biosensors and microfluidic chips, photoresist coatings for silicon wafers, anti-reflection (AR) coatings, hydrophilic coatings, hydrophobic coatings, thermal insulation coatings, transparent conductive coatings, etc.

Features of Siansonic benchtop coating system:

Benchtop ultrasonic spray coatingsystem

Patented ultrasonic spray nozzle. (Optional Nozzles Available)

Patented full digital ultrasonic generator, 4 CPUs provide high stable operation of nozzle. Control step size: 0.01W

Uniformity: >95%

Thickness of coating: 20nm-100 micron (Depends on material)

High efficiency spray, The maximum coating material usage ratio > 85%.

XYZ motion system

Maximum ultrasonic coating area: 150mm*150mm (UC320) 300mm*300mm (UC330) 400mm*400mm (UC340)

Maximum liquid viscosity: 20-30cps

Maximum solid particle size in suspensions: 10-20micron

Flow rate of the ultrasonic coater: Max.50ml/min ,Spraying width: Max 100mm (according to different nozzle models and coating material)

Full-color touch screen and friendly user interface.

Precision air pressure control: keep carrier gas stable and adjustable

Built-in or external syringe pump provides precision liquid delivery

Exhaust system included

Laser light alignment: assist users fast locating the nozzle position


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