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Butterfly valves are often automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. An actuator is a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. An actuator (as part of the actuated butterfly valve) typically is a mechanical device that takes energy, usually created by air, electricity, or liquid, and converts that into some kind of motion.

What is an Electric Butterfly Valve?

View ZECO range of electrically actuated butterfly valves, which are used to control the flow of a media remotely. They can have either a lug or wafer connection style. The actuator either opens or closes the valve with an electrical current, but doesn’t require energy to stay in that state. The butterfly valve has a disc that rotates with the actuator to open or close the butterfly valve. The butterfly valve design allows for good sealing properties, durability, and reliability for your application. Electrical actuators are easily installed and wired into an existing system. There are various housings, seals, and sizes of electrically controlled butterfly valves to allow you to find the right one for your application.

Good sealing inside the valve will be affected the sealing performance because of the damage or normal abrasion. For the harsh working conditions, the estimation and repairment beyond the scope of this manual, due to a variety of different structural forms, if needed know in advance, should cooperate with the manufacturer to find a suitable method. The external construction of the valve is easy to check and maintain. So a rational approach should be taken to prevent mechanical to damage the valve, prevent valve corrosion by the sediments in the atmosphere, chemical substances or wet gas, and deterioration of its quality. Thread, bearings or gears work like the working interface should be periodic lubrication.

How does an Electric Butterfly Valve work?

A butterfly valve is a valve used for flow regulation in large pipe diameters in which the disc takes the form of a disk. The operation is similar to that of a ball valve. A plate or disc is positioned in the center of the pipe. The disc has a rod passing through it that is connected to an actuator on the outside of the valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, therefore a pressure drop is always induced in the flow, regardless of valve position.

A butterfly valve actuator controls the flow of gas or liquid by means of a disk, which turns on a diametrical axis inside a pipe or by two semicircular plates hinged on a common spindle, which permits flow in only one direction. These actuated butterfly valves offer a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less, in a compact design. Unlike ball valves, butterfly valves do not have any pockets in which fluids may become trapped when the valve is closed.

Features of Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

In the case of no special request, ZECO electric butterfly valve is usually equipped with a German AUMA electric actuator, in order to use it for a long time in the pipeline, ZECO wouldn’t use the price to change the quality, our goal is to allow the user to select ZECO because ZECO product quality and reliable can use for a long time for the user in the long-term use of reducing the maintenance costs of the pipeline, rather than a low electric butterfly valve price;

ZECO electric butterfly valve adopts hard sealed valve seat. The hard sealed valve seat surface can be surfacing welded to prevent the valve from being unable to be sealed due to damage to the valve seat and sealing surface by strong abrasive media;

The stem of ZECO electric butterfly valve is designed in the anti blow out, preventing the stem blow out at the time of maintenance ;

The material of ZECO electric butterfly valve is produced in accordance with international standards;

Savings in labor;

Plant safety;

Product quality assurance;

Automatic sequencing.

Material of Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator






ASTM A216 WCB + 13Cr


Seal Ring

Graphite + SS304


Retainer Flange




ASTM A276 410






ASTM A276 410


Stem Packing



Stem Beating

SS304 + PTFE



ASTM A193 B7



ASTM A194 2H




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