Backflow Preventers(Low Pressure)

Basic informationThis valve can strictly prevent the occurrence of backflow pollution, is a safe device to ensure the hygiene of drinking water.

Features1. More superior streamline design, energy - saving effect;2. Discharge control device and outlet are designed without obstacles to reduce fluid resistance;3. More sensitive check effect, low opening pressure;4. The top is provided with a lifting ring for easy installation.Principle

When the inlet pressure is lower than the outlet pressure, the valve closes and the drain valve opens automatically, and it is always in the open state. The middle chamber is the same as the atmosphere, realizing air partition, and the partition performance is safe and reliable. When the water supply stops, the sealing force of the first and second

check valvedisc will increase automatically, effectively improving the sealing reliability.Installation and CommissioningButterfly orgate valvesshould be installed on both sides of the . Filters should be installed at the inlet and expansion or soft joint should be installed at the outlet. The discharge outlet of the drainer shall be additionally installed with the outlet pipe, which shall be downward directed to a place greater than or equal to 100mm above the intake port of the collector well. No valves shall be allowed in the middle. For specific use, please consult ZhengFeng Valve Group.


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