Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber Array

MEISU's polarization maintaining optical fiber array is a row of PM fiber of any specified orientation (error< 3 degree). The most common orientation of this polarization maintaining fiber alignment is slow axis horizontal, vertical or 45 degree tilted. PM FAU is normally used in coherent communication and fiber sensoring system.

PM Fiber Array Features

Fiber count: Up to 64

Core Pitch: 127μm, 250μm or Customer specified

Pitch Tolerance:<0.5μm

Stress rod orientation: Any

Stress rod orientation error: < 3°

PER: >18dB

How It Works

Polarization maintaining optical fiber, or the so-called pm fiber array alignmentand PMF fiber, can normally ensure the direction of linear polarization and effectively improve the coherent signal-to-noise ratio. Capable of realizing the high-precisionmeasurement of physical quantity, PMF fiber is widely used in interferometric fiber optic sensor, which is theoretically based on optical coherent detection, fiber optic gyro and fiber optic hydro. Thus, in order to expand the use of poly-maintaining fiber and increase the dosage of products, it is better to integrate PM fiber into fiber array.

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