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Have you ever seen the panorama of Yangzhou scenic spots, which was taken from the Slender West Lake to the antique East Gate Street, from the leisure park of the Song Jia city, Living Mall to the Phoenix Island. Recently, an 18-year-old guy, Yang Lin, has released a series of the aerial photos of Yangzhou on the Internet, which have been a hot spot. This boy who was born in 90’s put the panoramic photos of the famous scenic spots in Yangzhou by using aerial UAV, which attracted many local citizens to appreciate and praise.

An 18 years old guy's experiences about "aerial photography" of Yangzhou at nights.

"The first night's aerial photography, we need you to join us. Let's play together." At a forum on Yangcheng City, many photos appeared in the post bar which were taken from the sky, the citizens can enjoy a variety of Yangzhou landscapes and panoramic views. about a series of post bars on aerial Yangzhou. Many people said, " It is interesting to see Yangzhou from God's perspective". “The high altitude panoramic photos, they can be hardly seen in the high-altitude perspective, they are really beautiful and shocking.”

"Look, a small plane!" In the evening of the day before yesterday, at the Hongqiao square, many people were surprised to find that a "vest-pocket" aircraft made a "buzzing" buzz in the air. "This is the aerial UAV!" That was also a recognized by knowledgeable citizens. More citizens felt that" now young people really know how to satisfy themselves!"

“I was born in 1997. I was 18 years old this year and I bought this machine with my partners. I like the scenery of Yangzhou, but I rarely see that of the high altitude. So I hope to let more people see Yangzhou with the high angle of view.”

Bought machines in two months ago and learn it himself

“My name is Yang Lin. I am a student in school. And I used my summer vacation to do the aerial photography.” Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the 18 years old boy. "This machine was bought in 2 months ago. The name of it is Dajiang Fairy 3." Yang Lin introduced, "I see the effect of photos by traditional shooting techniques is too rigid. By contrast, the aerial UAV can photograph from high altitude, it can also make photos became more vivid. We just want to use theaerial UAVto provide more people with the scenes of Yangzhou when it can be appreciated under a high angle."

“ It took about more than 7000 dollars in total, and when we received the machine, we looked at the instructions, because we like to study electronic products, it's not too hard to handle this." Yang Lin introduced that neither he nor his friends had taken the foundation of photography, but because they often studied about the electronic products, they handled it quickly and learned it by themselves. "The first time they was very careful while shooting, because such a machine is very expensive for our students, and the machine itself is also easy to collide and damage."

“ One months ago, we began shooting, including East Gate Street, Qujiang Park, Song Jia City and Wenchang Pavilion, we took a panoramic view of Yangzhou. We should not only pay attention to the trajectory of the aircraft, but also need to focus on the flying direction of the UAV to avoid hitting the tree.” Yang Lin explained that he didn’t know the skills at the very start, but then he explored tips slowly. “ After we watched the movies and video of Hollywood and YouKu by others. We also started trying by ourselves.”

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T1-10L Black Hawk AG Drones

T1-10L Black Hawk

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