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With more than 20 years of industry experience and installation practice of more than 8000 production lines, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. provides global customers with optimal cost performance and reliable compouding extrusion systems. Our twin screw extrusion machinemodels range from laboratory test samples by using lab scale twin screw extruder to polyolefin granulation engineering for petrochemical enterprises to meet the latest needs of various related industries.

The compounding system covers various process steps from material handling, metering feeding, step-by-step feeding, compounding extrusion, melt filtration or pressurization, pelletizing, conveying and cooling, drying, storage homogenization to packaging. With years of technological experience and strong strength, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional extruder machine manufacturer, has selected and trained many powerful suppliers to provide customers with a complete set of small twin screw extruders. The compounding system of our plastic extrusion equipment for sale can effectively eliminate the repetitive work of communication between customers and dozens of suppliers, greatly saving the twin screw extruder costand the time limit of buying twin screw extruder for customers, and finally obtain the best return on investment. If you want to buy twin screw extruder, you can check our different types of twin screw extruder for salebelow. Or you can contact us directly and consult for more information about twin screw extruder for saleand double screw extruder price.

The Features of the Twin Screw Extruder

The industrial ethernet control system, using internal communication technology. Allow the operation in the field, control room, and remote.

The modular system. The system of our twin-screw extruders can be expanded or reformed according to the actual demands.

The combination of imported technology and independent research and development technology.

Specially adapted upstream equipment for feeding.

Easy to maintain and clean.

How Does Reliable and Easy-to-use Control System of Twin Screw Machine Work?

How many devices need how many control units? How do different control units work together? KY's work is to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use control system for the whole compounding system. This is an integrated control system based on industrial ethernet, which provides a new control standard for customers. The control of each extruder pelletizer can be connected to ethernet, using internal communication technology, and can be operated in the field, control room, or remote. At the same time, the system has flexibility and diversity, tailor-made for customer projects.

Aiming at the different production scale and different material production process, the plastic extrusion equipment for sale of our compounding system vary greatly. To satisfy different customers and different standard control systems, KY provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions for customers. By adopting the modular system, the system of our pvc twin screw extruderscan be expanded or reformed with the expansion of production scale or the renewal of process, and seamlessly integrated with the existing general operating system. Our twin-screw extruder can significantly reduce user costs and saves learning time, so as to meet customers' requirements for continuous improvement of product quality and cost control.

What is the Difference Between Single Screw and Twin Screw Extruder?

Price: While the single screw extruder has a simple structure and low price, the twin-screw extruder holds a more complicated structure and therefore, higher prices.

Plasticizing Ability: Single screw machine is suitable for plasticizing extrusion of polymer and for extrusion processing of granular material. As for the single screw machine, the shear degradation of polymer is small, but the residence time of the material in the extruder is relatively long. In contrast, the twin-screw extruder pelletizer has good mixing and plasticizing ability, and the material normally stays in the extruder pelletizer for a short time, which is suitable for powder processing.

Processing Capacity and Energy Consumption: Unlike a single-screw machine, the twin extrusion screw for sale has a large output, fast extrusion speed, and low energy consumption per unit output.

Operation: The operation for the single screw extruder is easy and the process control is simple; whereas, the operation of the twin-screw extruder is relatively complicated and the process control requirements are high.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Twin Screw Extruder Over A Single Screw Extruder?

Twin screw extruders offer several advantages over single screw extruders, including:

Enhanced mixing: Twin screw extruders are better at mixing and dispersing materials than single screw extruders. The two screws intermesh and rotate in opposite directions, creating a more efficient and homogeneous mixing process.

Improved processing flexibility: Twin screw extruders can process a wider range of materials with different viscosities and melting points than single screw extruders. They can also handle materials with higher levels of fillers or additives, and can achieve better temperature control, resulting in more consistent output.

Increased throughput: Twin screw extruders generally have higher output rates than single screw extruders, which means that more material can be processed in a shorter amount of time.

Better quality control: The improved mixing and processing flexibility of twin screw extruders can lead to better quality control, resulting in products with more consistent properties and fewer defects.

Reduced energy consumption: Twin screw extruders can operate at lower temperatures and with lower shear rates, which can result in lower energy consumption compared to single screw extruders.

Overall, twin screw extruders are a more versatile and efficient option for processing a wide range of materials, particularly those with complex formulations or requiring high mixing and processing quality.

KY, as a professional China twin screw extruder manufacturer, has different types of twin screw extruder for sale. Welcome to contact us for twin screw extruder cost and more detailed information.

What Is The Difference Between Co-rotating And Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruders?

Twin screw extruders are widely used in the plastics, food, and chemical industries for a variety of applications such as compounding, mixing, and shaping of materials. There are two main types of twin screw extruders: co-rotating and counter-rotating. While both types of extruders have two screws that rotate inside a barrel, they differ in the direction of rotation of the screws and their design.

Co-rotating twin screw extruders have two screws that rotate in the same direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. The screws are closely intermeshed, and their motion generates a self-wiping action that helps to move material through the extruder. Co-rotating twin screw extruders are ideal for mixing and compounding applications as they offer excellent distributive mixing and a high degree of flexibility in the processing of various materials. They are suitable for processing a wide range of polymers, fillers, and additives at high throughput rates.

Counter-rotating twin screw extruders, on the other hand, have two screws that rotate in opposite directions, with one screw rotating clockwise and the other rotating counterclockwise. The screws do not intermesh and have a larger gap between them compared to co-rotating extruders. Counter-rotating twin screw extruders are used for high-shear mixing and devolatilization applications, as they provide a high level of shear and mixing intensity. This makes them suitable for the processing of highly viscous materials, such as rubber and thermoplastic elastomers, and for removing volatiles from polymer melts.

One of the key differences between co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extruders is their screw design. Co-rotating screws are designed with a deep flight depth and a small pitch, which allows for better mixing and material conveyance. Counter-rotating screws, on the other hand, have a shallow flight depth and a large pitch, which promotes high-shear mixing.

Another difference between the two types of extruders is their torque transmission mechanism. In co-rotating twin screw extruders, the torque is transmitted through the intermeshing screws. In contrast, counter-rotating twin screw extruders require a separate gearbox to transmit the torque between the two screws. This adds to the complexity and cost of the extruder, but also allows for more precise control of the screw speed and torque.

Fouded in 1993, Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of types of twin screw extruder and pelletizer. We have different types of twin screw extruder for sale. Our twin screw extruder price is reasonable and twin screw extruder for sale is of high-quality and high-cost-performance.


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