Flange Nut

The proportion of wholesale flanged nuts production of DATIAN (DT) Fasteners is increasing year by year. Compared with the normal hexagon nuts, the flange nut has one more circular flange with a tooth pattern, which is firmer and has the effect of preventing loosening. The hexagon flange nut is mostly used in pipeline connections or workplaces that need to increase the contact surface of the nut.

Types Of Flange Nuts

Searching for The Right Wholesale Hex Flange Nuts

lANSI / ASME B18.2.2 Flange Nuts

lEN 1661/14218 Flange Nuts

lISO 4161 Flange Nuts

lDIN 6331/6923/977 Flange Nuts

lJIS B 1190 Flange Nuts

Flange Nut Uses

Due to the small size of flange nuts, irregular shapes, and some need to be threaded, there are some obvious defects in hot-dip galvanizing.

Although there are many defects in hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners, because of the thick coating, good bonding strength and long-term corrosion effect of hot-dip galvanized fasteners. It has always been respected in the power, communications, and transportation sectors.

Flange Nut Standard Dimensions

Click ANSI / ASME B18.2.2 Flange Nuts for more information.

Wholesale Hexagon Nut With Flange from DT

DT Hex Nut Flange Material: A3 low carbon steel 35K high-speed steel wire 45# steel 40CR 35Crmoa Hardness grade: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

Surface Treatment: The surface treatment of the hexagonal flange nuts can be generally divided into three types - color galvanized, white galvanized, black galvanized, and generally cold galvanized!

Main Flanged Nut Specifications: M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 (M20 and above specifications and M14 M18 flange nuts are not commonly used)

Related functions of flange nuts and general hexagon nuts are basically the same size and thread specification, but compared with hex nuts for sale, it is a one-piece gasket and nut, and there are anti-slip tooth patterns on the bottom, which increases the size of the nut and the workpiece. Compared with the combination of ordinary nut and washer, it is firmer and has greater tensile force. Generally, the specifications of common flange nuts are generally below M20. Because most flanged nuts are used on pipes and flanges, they are restricted by the workpiece, and the specifications of flange nuts are smaller than those of nuts. Some flanged nuts above M20 are mostly flat flanges, that is, there is no tooth pattern on the flange surface. Most of these wholesale fasteners are used in some special equipment and special places.

Datian Flanged Nuts FAQs

How do you install a flange nut?

First, check whether the position of the nut support surface on the back of the hexagonal flange should be parallel and smooth. If there are scratches, nicks, mud, corrosion and burrs, the flange nuts must be replaced or reworked. When installing the hex nut flange, first find the hole where the nut can be installed, then align the hole and insert it, and then slowly turn it clockwise until it is tightened.

Do flange nuts need washers?

  1. flange serrated nutssurface itself has the anti-slip and stop functions of the flat washer and the spring washer, there is no need to add the flat washer and the spring washer during assembly.

Are flanged nutreusable?

Fasteners are generally not allowed to be reused, especially for some high-strength and high-corrosion industries, otherwise there will be a major accident.

What Is A Flange Lock Nut?

A flange nut looks like a standard hex nut from one side, but the bottom is widened into a circular flange, creating a bell-like shape. Manufacturers serrate the bearing surface of that flange to create serrated flange nuts, allowing for a better grip on the surface of the joint.

As one of the flange nuts manufacturers, we provide m30 flange nut, din 6923 flange nuts, fastener material, nut and bolt supply, structural nuts, etc. For fastener priceor flange nut price, please feel free to contact us!


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