Tunnel type shot blasting machineis a non-standard shot blasting machine that is according to workpieces information to design. The tunnel type shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment of large steel structures to achieve the removal of rust, old patent leather, and old putty, etc.

For large workpieces, it can use a double electric hoist to lift the workpieces through the shot blasting chamber, and the workpieces can be shot blasted. The tunnel type shot blasting machine adopts imported PLC control and has automatic/manual control mode, the whole hook through the type of shot blasting machine to achieve automatic fault detection.


Blast wheel layout 3-D dynamic simulation design, ensures optimal shot blasting angle and distance, treat the object items on all sides with high-quality surface appearance but without overlapped and dead zone.

Shot blasting chamber with ZGMn13 steel guard plate, long service life.

Six layers of protection curtain to prevent the shot balls spatter out during blast cleaning. The curtain layers are natural rubber material with leaf spring which can automatically reset, ensure the sealing of the machine.

High chrome wear-resistant cast iron grate guard plate which protects the screw conveyor and prevents big clump to get into the hopper damaging the bottom screw conveyor.

Tunnel type shot blasting machine 2


Bucket elevator is composed of cycloidal pin gear reducer, upper and lower roller, transmission belt, bucket, closed abrasive storage hopper and tensioner. The feed port of the bucket elevator is connected with the crosswise screw conveyor, and the discharge port is connected with the screw roller sieve of the separator. In order to ensure that the belt conveyor does not skid on the surface of the drum during the bucket elevator works, the roller surface is welded with steel plates into a cage shape.

Tunnel type shot blasting machine 3


tunnel type shot blasting machine uses advanced BE full-curtain type separator which is composed of separator part, cylinder screen, screw, hopper, and Manual valve. This separator absorbs American technology and developed by our company which is the newest style separator of our company at present.

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine 5

The separator's working principle: The used abrasive from the bucket elevator is delivered by the screw to the upper separation area. The screw separates it evenly in the separation area along with the separator, forms a pill sand flow curtain-like a waterfall. At the same time, the blower of dust collector separates the projectile, molding sand, metal oxide skin fragment, stave projectile and dust in the flowing curtain through convulsion

on separator gusty area and using gravity dry separation way which will flow in the bunker after the second filtration by the bottom strainer and store up for the next circulation. The best separation effect of separator depends on the adjustment of the flow control board position of dry separation area, the adjustment of adjustment board position on filtering panel, adjusting the reed valve wind amount of air hose to realize. It can get good separation effect if the adjustment is reasonable which can keep the separation efficiency above 99.5%.

Shot Blasting Machine

QINGGONGMACHINERY shot blasting machine offers you an effective solution to deal with the surface of the workpieces, including remove the contaminant on the surface, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating to the workpiece. More specifically, the treatment of a shot blasting machine includes derusting, descaling, desanding, or deburring of the workpieces. Other uses are such as surfaces shot peening, finishing, and roughening of surfaces so as to make coat better.


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