Apigenin CAS No. 520-36-5

Product name




Apigenin Chemical Formula


Apigenin Molecular Weight


95%, 98%

Test Method



Yellow needle crystal

Apigenin Solubility in Water

Almost insoluble in water, partially soluble in hot alcohol, soluble in dilute KOH solution.

Apigenin, or called apigenina, is a kind of natural flavonoid compounds, which exists as the yellow plant pigment in many plants. Apigenina mainly comes from the apium grhinensis and partly from the chamomile, bee balm, basil, verbena, yarrow.

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Apigenin Health Benefits

There are many benefits of apigenin, as following:

  1. Apigenin benefits for hair with a promotion of the growing of hair. Apigenin can protect the livers, keep bones healthy and sterilize effects.

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