Kaiping healthwise's wholesale Plant extractis a natural botanical extracts formed by the natural plant as the raw material. In a bulk plant extract factory, according to the use of the extracted final product, through the physical and chemical extraction and separation process, in the direction of the plant, without changing the product of its active ingredient structure. According to the different ingredients of the plant extract powder, forming glycosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, etc., According to the wholesale plant extracts's different characteristics, wholesale natural plant extracts can be divided into vegetable oil, cream, powder, lens, etc.

All the wholesale botanical extract here are powdered. Buy plant extract at a competitive wholesale price.

Wholesale Plant Extract Types

Herbal Extract

Natural Herbal Extract Wholesale Powder

Kaiping healthwise health food co ltd is a certified manufacturer of Herbal Extracts. Types: botanical herbal extract, chinese herbal extracts, natural herbal extract, pure herbal extract, herbal extract powder.

Vegetable Extract

Our proprietary products are vegetable extract, vegetable protein extract, Supplementing ongoing medical treatments with our fruit and vegetable extracts may help.

Root Extract

Kaiping healthwise health food co ltd offers high-quality root extracts, red root extract. Call us to know more about root extraction cost and root extract definition.

Leaf Extract

For more on this, see the leaf extract definition. High purity leaf extract meaning: Generally refers to plant extracts that have high activity content.

Choose Kaiping Healthwise Health Food Co Ltd as Bulk Plant Extract Manufacturer

Pure natural plant extract factory: Kaiping Healthwise Health Food Co Ltd is a whole plant extract supplier of protein extraction from plants and raw materials.

We are a high tech wholesale plant extract manufacturer of types of herbal extracts for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceuticals. We are also wholesale plant extract company with integration from cultivation, food processing to sales. Buy plant extract at a competitive wholesale price.

What are Wholesale Botanical Extracts Benefits

With the improvement of people's living standards, the concept of returning to nature is increasing day by day, and food(essential oil for food), medicine, health care products and cosmetics are increasingly inclined to be "green", with natural and pollution-free products, which make botanical extracts wholesale have huge development space and market prospects at home and abroad. Moreover, food, beverage, cosmetics and daily necessities manufacturers that occupy the mainstream wholesale plant extracts market in the world have entered the stage of research and development and utilization of pure natural plant extract. Their strong research and development, production and sales capacity will lead to the rapid development of the plant extract industry.

The Purpose/Use of Natural Plant Extracts

Wholesale plant extracts are a product formed by the plant through the process of physical and chemical extraction and enrich the purpose of the final plant, without changing its effective structure, and plant extract powder are also an important part of biomedicine. Pure plant extracts are extracted from agricultural and forestry products by professional equipment and are widely used in plant drugs, natural food additives, and functional food ingredients, daily chemicals, plant source pesticides and feed production fields. The industrial chain is relatively clear. Its upstream industry is mainly agricultural and forestry medicinal materials products and production inspection equipment of wholesale plant extracts; plant extract wholesale industry chain consists of a selection of new varieties, targeted cultivation of effective substances, separation and purification of plant substances. Its downstream industries are widely used in many industries, involving medicine, wholefoods essential oils, and plant extracts for skin, nutritional health products and food safe essential oils.

Plant Extract Wholesale Extraction Process

Plant extraction is a process that aims to extract certain components present in plants. It is a solid/liquid separation operation ... how to get vegetable extracts wholesale? Our botanical extraction methods is the high tech Supercritical CO2 extraction. Call us to know more about the essentials of botanical extraction.

CO2 Botanical Extraction for Vegetable Extracts Wholesale

The growth of supercritical CO2 botanical extraction system offers solvent-free alternative that can pull out a full range of compounds from raw plant materials. Our CO2 botanical extraction is using CO2 of normal temperature and high pressure to extract the essence from raw materials. We could provide high quality Botanical CO2 extracts for health food production.

Wholesale Plant Extract Powder FAQs


What Are Plant Extracts Used for?


Plant extracts are an important source of bioactive compounds for many medicines discovery projects, and some important medicines have been isolated and identified from root extract and leaf extract.


What Do Plant Extracts Contain?


Plants extract contain many kinds of chemical constituents like: alkaloids, glycosides, organic acids, resins, volatile oils, sugars, amino acids, proteins and enzymes, tannins, plant pigments ect.


Are Extract All Natural?


Kaiping healthwise extracts are always all-natural and pure. Not all flavoring oils are all-natural. Some oils contain artificial flavors. Kaiping healthwise extracts and oils never contain any additive agent.


How are Wholesale Plant Extracts Made


How are plant extracts made ? Our CO2 botanical extraction is using CO2 of normal temperature and high pressure to extract the essence from raw materials. SFE- CO2 is the method of how to make botanical extracts


How to Preserve Wholesale Plant Extract


How to preserve plant extract? / How to store plant extracts? Stored in a clean, cool, dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.

Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.

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