Here the benefits of Sinorock soil nails

The advantages of Sinorock’s soil nailing technology can be applied to new permanent construction, temporary construction and to the restoration of existing structures. During the process, steel reinforcing elements (nails) are installed and grouted over a regular pattern to create a soil that acts as a coherent mass with improved shear strength. This newly reinforced soil mass can then provide stability for landslides, cut slopes and deep excavations.

Benefits of Soil Nails
Can be installed quickly and with small-scale equipment.
Minimal vibration or displacement of soil during installation.
Less underground easement necessary than with conventional tie-back anchors.
Movement of the wall can be minimized.
Settlement of adjacent buildings can be prevented.
The system can be installed underneath an existing structure, thus saving the lateral space usually required by other sheeting and shoring methods.
Loss of ground can be prevented.
Height of wall is not restricted.
Minimize right-of-way requirement.
Can be constructed with architecturally pleasing precast panels.
Can be used as both temporary and permanent support.


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