Grain Refiner

Grain Refiner

General Description of Grain Refiner

Grain refiner can optimize the form and grain distribution of eutectic silicon. The material synthetic mechanical properties, strength and ductility are enhanced. At same time, it can minimize hot cracking tendency.Control the structure and dispersion of individual crystals in metals improved mechanical strength and soundness of the casting.

SpecificationofGrain Refiner





3% Titanium 0.15%C

cut rod/coiled rod/cast cut bar/waffle ingot

3% Titanium 0.3%C

5% Titanium 0.15%C

5% Titanium 0.3%C



4% 5% 6% 10% 15% Titanium




10%Titanium 1%Boron

Waffle ingot/rod/coil

10%Titanium 0.4%Boron


5%Titanium 1%Boron

5% Titanium 0.2% Boron

5% Titanium 0.6% Boron


3% Titanium 1% Boron

3% Titanium 0.4% Boron

3% Titanium 0.2% Boron



waffle ingot


4% 5 % 6%10%15%Zr

waffle ingot



waffle ingot

Advantage of Grain Refiner

Improve the strength and toughness of aluminum alloy.

Eliminate columnar grains and feathery grains.

Improve the intrinsic quality of aluminum products by reducing the internal shrinkage cavities, porosity, hot cracking and segregation.

Increase more flexibility during the plastic deformation of the subsequent processing in the casting by improving its ductility

Reduce surface defects of aluminum product by improving its ductility.

Improve calendaring rate and productivity on the premise of ensuring the quality of products.

Increase the using time of the calendaring molds and auxiliary equipment on the premise of ensuring the quality of products.

Make the grainrefiner foraluminummore beautiful by improving the surface treatment of aluminum product

Application of Grain Refiner

Hardeners: Used for enhancing physical and mechanical properties of metal alloys.

Grain Refiners: Used for controlling the dispersion of individual crystals in metals to produce a finer and more uniform grain structure; grain refiners in aluminum alloy castings

Modifiers & Special Alloys: Typically used to increase strength, ductility and machinability.

Using method of Grain Refiner

Baking before using

Operation temperature 680-720 ℃

Joint quantity: Self controlled by calculation and test according to actual condition.

Joint method: After digging up the drum. Plunge the additives slightly to the Al liquid and mix evenly. Keep immersing for 5-10 minutes.

Storage of Grain Refiner

If stored in low humidity environment in the original packing, product can be preserved for a long time.


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