Embroidered Lace Trim

Embroidered Lace Trim

Fascinating polyester embroidery lace trim is the perfect decoration for fashion clothing, scarf, apparel, dresses, home decor, garment accessories ornamental(kids clothing, lady top, pajamas, underwear), it is also suitable for fashion accessories, seasonal crafts, and gift packaging.

Polyester embroidery lace by Kejing, a reputable embroidery lace wholesale company with its own trim factory, has many characteristics, such as strength and durability, good elasticity, easy drying, and corrosion resistance, that's why it is very popular all over the world.

Unique polyester embroidery lace design provides different feelings of DIY decoration, which makes do it yourself will be more elegant and more high-class. Beautiful embroidery lace trim design and exquisite craftsmanship make you more charming and elegant. On any occasion, embroidery lace trim is gorgeous and beautiful.

Types Of Embroidered Lace Wholesale

Kejing Lace is professional embroidery lace manufacturer, our 3.5cm embroidery lace trims are most customer choices. If you have any other customer sizes need, we can also manufacture according to your personalized shapes and sizes, inquiry wholesale bulk price direct from embroidery lace China.

Different Colors of Embroidered Lace Wholesale

As a long standing embroidery lace wholesale supplier in China, we offer you white and navy blue embroidered lace. They are very popular for festival decorations, inquiry for your christmast gift webbing from embroidery lace manufacturer.

As one of the bestwholesale trim suppliers, we provide custom webbing, custom lace trim,crochet trim by the yardand etc. Contact us to know elastic cord pricenow.


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