Solar Pump Controller

MICNO is a solar pump controller manufacturerthat offers customers a high quality protection control cabinet, including solar pump inverter, AC and DC converter modules, contactors, DC circuit breakers, and other integrated control systems. Solar pump controller is to control and adjust the operation of the solar water pump, drive the water pump with electric energy from the solar array, and realize MPPT adjustment according to the change in the intensity of sunlight.

A typical photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of six parts: solar modules, supports, solar controllers, off-grid inverters, batteries, and distribution boxes. After the solar modules are connected to the solar pump system controller, they first meet the user's load usage, and then store the excess power in the battery for night and rainy days. When the battery is empty, most inverters can also support the city power input (or diesel generator) as supplementary energy to power the load.


Product featuresExcellent cooling performanceHigh degree of protection, IP54Easy to useIntegrated machineKE300D-03-01 Series-380V(IP54)Solar Pump Inverter Control Box1. The size of this control box refers...

Inverter AC/DC Switching Solution


Solution introductionGenerally, solar pump inverters do not allow AC(grid power) and DC(solar power) to access at the same time. If such simultaneous connection is required, switching control circuit ...

KE300P-01 Switching Module


Shenzhen MICNO Electric Co., Ltd.is a professional solar pv inverter manufacturers,

We provide solar pump system controller, solar well pump controller, solar operated pump, pump controller for solar water systemand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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