Graphite Plate

Product Description:
Graphite plate is made from the domestic petroleum coke and widely used in the metallurgy, machinery, electronics and chemical industry, etc. The graphite plate include graphite anode plate, extruded plate and isostatic graphite plate.

Graphite plate features:

1. Low electric resistance
2. Good electric and thermal conductivity
3. High oxidation resistance
4. Greater resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
5. High mechanical strength
6. High machining accuracy and so on.

Graphite plate usage:

Graphite plate is widely used in electron industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, aviation industry, manufacturing industry, metallurgic industry and so on, such as anode, cathode, bipolar plate, vacuum furnace, water treatment, hydrogen fuel cell, electrode, casting, glass factory, heat conduction, lubricant, mold industry, vacuum pump and so on.

Graphite plate price:

Different customer have different graphite plate demands. The different demands for density, grain size, electric resistance, strength and other specification affect the price. The density and grain size are the most important spectification due to the grain size influent the density and the density influent the other specification. The higher density product, the better product, the higher price will be.

Quick Details:

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Kayson

Type:Reinforced Sheet

Application:chemical/mechanical/metallurgic industry

Thickness:Customers' Demand

Grade:Industrial GradeC Content (%):99.99%

Grain size:Customized

Item name:Graphite Anode Plate

Ash content:0.1% max

Shape:Round/square or based on your demands

Thermal Conductivity:160-1000 w(mk)

Bending strength:12 mpa



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