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Air dryer Silencer((Muffler)) is to prevent sound transmission while allowing air flow through the A device is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. Muffler is mounted on the aerodynamic devices (such as blowers, compressors, boilers, exhaust port, generators, pumps and other equipment exhaust port noisy) air flow channel or into the exhaust system to reduce noise means.

The Air Dryer Mufflers provide reliable and effective dust entrapment and noise suppression for compressed air dryers. These are designed specifically to manage the demanding service problems associated with desiccant regenerative-type air dryers, which often expel air laden with moisture and desiccant dust.

  • All the outstanding features of the industry-standard Air Exhaust Muffler plus an added relief valve.
  • Unique relief valve equalizes pressure by detecting any outflow deviation, responding to the pressure differential and opening up to compensate for outflow demands.
  • Superior design and construction provides a low-cost, effective method of eliminating annoying, distracting noise emitted from air dryers.
  • Ideal for applications where uninterrupted continuous outflow is needed.

Technical parameters

● Working pressure: ≤1.2MPa
● Reduce noise:32dB
Safety Valves opening pressure: 2.0-2.2Bar

● Interface form: Screw thread.
● INLET&OUTLET:  BSPT1/2”~BSPT6” ● ● Working temperature: ≤100℃


Application field

● Air Dryer


至: 徐州志泰净化设备有限公司
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