MP Series Minitype Magnetic Drive Circulation Pump

Product name: MP series magnetic drive circulation minipumpProduct category: Magnetic pump1. Product Summary:China Success Pump Manufacturing magnetic drive circulation pumps are of a variety of types,Website:, ranging from mini type to large-size one, suitable for use in various industrial systems and procedures. With reliable and superior performance, this type of pump enjoys high reputation.2. Product Functions:Chemical industrySodium carbonate chemical industry (production of chlorhydric acid, acid fluoride and secondary chemical); fluoride and chemical fertilizer production; responsive liquid circulation of gas absorber; oil and fat refining (sulphuric acid); waste acid recovery and regeneration system; strong acid transportation between chemical plant and transporting vehicles.Pharmaceutical industryProduction of luminous chemicals (EL) used in semi-conductor, farm chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals used in water treatment.Electroplating industryCirculation filtering of various electroplating liquids.Photo making industryInstant photo printing system; developing and printing X-ray image, black and white, colored and 3D photographs.Electrical appliance and apparatus industryProducing electrolyte capacitor (etching of aluminium films); transporting electrolyte during manufacture of dry cell and battery; etching circuit board; transporting high purity chemical liquids during semiconductor production.Metal industryAlumina coating treatment equipment; oil removal and acid pickling during thread extension and steel rolling; oil removal and acid pickling before vehicle spray coating; production of titanium dioxide and rare earth, etc.MiningMetal melting (electrolyte transporting and circulating); cleansing treatment of waste liquid.FoodGluconic acid production (chlorhydric acid); edible oil refining (sulphuric acid); canned fruits industry (chlorhydric acid).MedicalArtificial kidney, heart and lung, ultrasonic cleaner and various medical equipment.Water processingIon washing for resin exchange; pure water production equipment; seawater desalination device.Pollution controlAdding chemicals for sewage treatment into solution tank;collecting and transporting waste liquid; waste gas absorption equipment (deodorization device, desulfurization before discharging waste gas).OtherApplicable to silver recovery, wafer manufacture, experimental plant, refrigerating machine, drink machine, domestic boiler, heat exchanger, solar system, bleaching and dyeing, laser system, etc., as well as for the circulation use of artificial fountain, fish pond and ornamental aquarium.3. Significance of Model:4. Product Photos:Installation Dimension ModelabcdefGhHWLMP-15R496368638231214510082196.5MP-15RN496368639.524.5117.54610082180MP-20R3050685.538.528.5131.55611685209MP-20RZ3050685.540401345612685212MP-20RM3050685.53428.51275611785204.5MP-30R406410094830166.560130120249.5MP-30RZ40641009404015160130120234MP-30RM406410094830166.560130120249.5ModelabcdefGhHWLMP-20RX3050685.546.5-1435613085220.5MP-30RX4064100948-169.560138120252.5MP-40RX4064100948-170.560138120277 ModelabcdefGhHWLBJKMP-40R406410094830167.560130120274-11860MP-40RM406410094830167.560130120274-11860MP-55R4064100956.543198.565.5161120275-14054MP-55RZ4064100956.543198.565.5161120275-14054MP-70R70961089.555.754417766161142267202142118MP-70RM70961089.552.754417466156142264202142118MP-100R7010011096644195.574174156322202150118MP-100RM7010011096644195.574174156322202150118MP-100RX7010011096340196.574174156323205167124MP-120R98130110128051184.593208140359216187123 ModelabcefGhHWLJKMPH-40098130110805118894209140384183128MPH-4011301751309857.5244114247160475208137


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