Drossing Flux

Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

Description of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

SATA drossing fluxis specially developed for removing the slag from the aluminium melt before or after refining procedure. It is for in- furnace use. The slag after treatment is dry ,loose, easy to be removed.

Apperance: White or gray white in powder

Application temperature: 700-780 ℃

a)More choice for your option,

b)1. Sodium-free drossing flux which suitable for High magnesium al-alloy.

c)2. Eco-friendly aluminium drossing fluxwith less emission

Advantage of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

Mild Exothermic flux; separate the aluminium with the dross. Decomposition of alumina in slag, to make the slag dry and loose, easy for removing.

Enhance the aluminium melt purity, improve the alloy properties greatly, and reduce metal loss.

Reduce the slag formed on the furnace linings and bottom. Damage of furnace can be avoided. Increase the service life of furnace. Save the labor and power loss in furnace cleaning due to frequency of cleaning is minimized.

Sodium free drossing flux can avoid the white spot to be occurred on the surface of alumininum and its alloy.

Eco-friendly drossing flux with less emission is benefit for workers, enviorment with high efficiency.

Package of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

  1. ~25kg PP bag or 20-25kg cartons.

Dosage of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

Storage of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)

Store in a dry and cool place with good ventilation. Original packing should be kept until ready to use.


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