Catalog No.:ALS10042

Aolisenchem provides API of Oseltamivir phosphate CAS#204255 11 8.

This API in pharma industry can be used as an orally active inhibitor of influenza virus neuraminidase; converted in vivo to the active acid metabolite; an antiviral drug. As one of the professional api manufacturers in China, we try our best to provide better products and service.

Specifications of Oseltamivir phosphate CAS#:

Appearance: White cyrstalline solid

Purity: 98%

Density: 1.08g/cm3

Boiling point: 473.3ºC at 760 mmHg

Properties of Oseltamivir phosphate CAS#:

Name: Oseltamivir phosphate

Othernames: Ethyl (3R, 4R, 5S)-4-acetamido-5-amino-3-pentan-3-yloxycyclohexene-1-carboxylate phosphate

CAS Number:

Molecular formula: C16H31N2O8P

Molecular Weight: 410.40

MDL number: MFCD17676100

Safety Information of Oseltamivir phosphate CAS#:

Signal word: warning

Personal protective: eye shield, dust mask type N95 (US), Gloves

Emergency treatment: if inhale, please move to fresh air; if contact with skin, remove the contaminated clothing and wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water. If you feel uncomfortable, seek medical attention immediately.

H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction;

H319 Causes serious eye irritation;

H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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