BMC, SMC, GRP, GFK Building & Decoration Materials

Building decoration materials, also known as building finishing materials, refer to the materials laid or painted on the surface of buildings to decorate and beautify the environment. Building decoration materialsare the important material basis of building decoration engineering. The overall effect of architectural decoration and the realization of architectural decoration function are restricted by architectural decoration materials to a certain extent, especially by the decorative characteristics of decorative materials, such as luster, texture, and pattern.

Aobang composite Building & Decoration materialis divided into: BMC building decoration material, SMC building decoration material, GRP building decoration material, GFK building decoration material.

Building decoration materials functions

Beautify urban and rural buildings, improve people's living environment and working environment.

Change the layout of the room to meet the use function of the room.

Laid on the surface of the building, in order to beautify the building and the environment, regulate people's mind, and play the role of protecting the building. Modern architecture requires that the architectural decoration should follow the aesthetic principles, create a good space environment with the meaning of improving life, balance people's body and mind, regulate their emotions, and give better play to their wisdom.

GFK, SMC, GRP, and BMC building materials advantages

Building decoration materials may have heard of commonly used materials such as sandstone and cement. BMC, SMC, GRP, and GFK composite materials have been heard by few people. It is a new type of material. What are the advantages?

Short molding cycle, can be molded or injected, suitable for mass production.

A large amount of filler can be added to meet the requirements of flame retardancy and dimensional stability, and the cost is low.

Complex products can be integrally formed, and inserts, holes, tables, ribs, grooves, etc. can be molded at the same time.

Compared with ordinary thermoplastics, the heat resistance, insulation and modulus of elasticity of the products are higher.

The skills of workers are not high, and it is easy to automate and save labor.

The size of the product is accurate.

The working environment is good.

Here are the long lifetime building decoration materials

According to researches, fiberglass roof tiles have a long lifetime more than most other materials. GFK, SMC, GRP, and BMC materials can last for 25-50 years in any natural environment, while the traditional materials normally can only last for 10-15 years. This is one of the reasons why GFK, SMC, GRP, and BMC materials are of high performance/cost ratio, and why this kind of material become increasly popular in various areas.

Here are the environmental friendly building decoration materials

The application of GFK, SMC, GRP, and BMC building materials can effectively reduce indoor environmental pollution, reduce the harm of pollutants emitted by decoration materials to human body, and environmental protection materials can be recycled. This recycling of building decoration materials can reduce pollution and save resources.

Find the great building decoration materials here in Aobang!

Aobang has affluent experience in GFK, SMC, GRP, and BMC building materials, you can find various types of building material here, such as resin roof tiles, SMC tiles, BMC tiles, GRP building products, etc. To check more products of GRP material, SMC material, or other fiberglass related new material, please contact us now!

Our bmc compositeand related products have a wide range of applications: differents of auto parts, different kinds of motors, Battery box and high voltage box ,building materials, electrical appliances, Energy/ power generation, etc.Bmc compositeand parts are widely used in new energy vehicles, high-speedail, electric motors and electrical appliances.


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