QSFP 40G 850nm 300m MPO Transceiver

The Gearlink GLQ1M0C85 is a Four-Channel, Plug-gable, Parallel, Fiber-Optic QSFP+ Transceiver for InfiniBand QDR/DDR/SDR,12G/10G/8G/4G/2G fiber channel, PCIe and SAS Applications. The QSFP optics full-duplex optical module offers 4 independent transmit and receive channels, each capable of 10.3Gbps operation for an aggregate data rate of 45.2Gbps 150m using OM3 fiber. These modules are designed to operate over multimode optical transceiver systems using 850nm VCSEL laser array. An optical fiber ribbon cable with an MPO/MTP connector can be plugged into the QSFP module receptacle. QSFP+ 40g SR4 is one kind of parallel mpo transceiver which provides increased port density and total system cost savings.

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Compatibility of QSFP 40G MPO Transceiver
QSFP-40G-SR4 40GBASE-SR4 MMF 850nm
QSFP-40G-CSR4 40GBASE-ESR4 QSFP+ 850nm 300m

Technical Specification Of QSFP MPO Transceiver

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Notes
Supply Voltage Vcc3 -0.5 - 3.6 V
Storage Temperature Ts -10 - 85 °C
Operating Humidity RH 5 - 85 % 1
Receiver Damage Threshold per Lane PIND 3.4 - - dBm

Commended Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Notes
Operating Case Temperature TC 0 - 70 °C
Power Supply Voltage Vcc 3.14 3.3 3.47 V
Power Dissipation Pd - - 1.5 W
Bit Rate BR 1.25 10.3125 - Gbps

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