premium roasted sesame seed

Product Details Introduction of Shermark premium roasted sesame seed Shermark premium roasted sesame seed selects high-quality sesame, in order to provide customers with better products, carefully select plantations, unique geographical environment, resulting in thin skin, thick meat and nutrient-rich white sesame, a large number of protein, fat and carbohydrates make every spoonful of ripe white sesame grains mellow and delicious, long aftertaste.We can ensure the crisp of sesame seeds by strict time control and temperature control by screening the sesame seeds full of full fruit, and we can not make excessive processing at the same time. 10 Specification of Shermark premium roasted sesame seed 220g roasted white sesame seed is a necessary food for every family because of its convenient storage. It is easy to eat and can be used in many ways. Sesame is rich in nutrients and is extremely suitable for the elderly and children to eat. Nutritional composition table: Nutrition Nutrient name Per 100g nutrient reference value Energy 2750 KJ 33% Protein 19.6 g 33% Fat 54.6 g 90% Carbohydrate 5.4 g 2% Sodium 0 mg 0% Application of Shermark premium roasted sesame seed e844992fdc424f80576c05f4151cc113 Sprinkle a little roasted white sesame seed to make it more delicious. Details of Shermark premium roasted sesame seed Roasted black sesame seeds bottle is sealed with aluminium paper to prevent dampness. The cap is designed with double openings, which is convenient and quick to use. roasted sesame F.A.Q (1)How many boxes of sesame sauce can be ordered? MOQ=100 boxes(Each item) (2)Does your factory produce OEM? The pictures of packing are our own brands,but if you need ,we can OEM. (3)How long will the goods arrive after payment? Delivery time: within 15-30days after received customer’s down-pay. (4)What form of payment does the manufacturer accept? Payment terms:30% down-pay, after finished producing, please pay the balance, we will send the goods to you by sea.(T/T). 2 Contact: overseas sales department mail: tel:+ 86 543 website:


至: Binzhou city shermark sesame oil technology Co., Ltd.
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