Polygon Scanner

Different from galvanometercontrol technology, polygon mirror laser scannerhas rotary mirror which adopts advanced bearing and spindle design, rotating speed up to 50,000 RPM, scanning rate over 100 KHz, scanning speed up to 512 m/s (1600 lines/s) and makes ultra-fast and ultra-cutting-edge scanning applications possible. Polygon mirror scanner motorand servo system combined to provide excellent performance and reliability, speed stability < 0.05%. Based on FPGA and DSP high-speed digital processing technology and scanning galvanometer core control algorithm. The application of high-resolution micro grating encoder is mostly used in high energy and high pulse frequency laser application scenarios.

Key Features Of polygon laser scanner

Rotary mirror has high linear speed, in the high-speed and high-precision galvanometer application to break the foreign monopoly, to achieve the breakthrough of zero localization, in the leading level at home and abroad.

It can also be used in solar cutting, food and beverage packaging, high speed marking, scanning inspection, medical scanning inspection, optical scanning, laser cleaning, high speed marking, cutting and other fields.

Hansscannerprovides galvo scan head, galvanometer scanner, galvo scanner laserand etc. If you want to know more, please contact us.


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