Electromagnetic Core Assembly Line

Electromagnet is one of automotive engine accessories, automotive engine electromagnet assembly machine is a fully automatic machine. The machine is consists of units of steel ball press-fitting, magnet core shaft press-fitting, front sleeve press-fitting, air-tightness inspection, performance test, laser marking, finished product unloading and trace-ability system. The whole machine is made up of many stations, including assembly station, riveting station, marking station, product place on tray station and so on. Vibratory bowl feeder and belt conveyor work together to feeding materials, and the feeding system have alarm function.

Automotive engine electromagnet assembly machine solution:

1、 Incoming magnet core is packed by tray and steel ball is packed by storage container. The feeding system of these 2 material are designed according to their incoming packaging.

2、 Magnet core shaft, front sleeve and seal are fed by vibratory bowl feeder.

3、Cycle time<=16S

4、Single station yield rate: >99%

Machine feature of Electromagnetic CoreAssembly Line

Dongguan Yiheda Automatic Manufacturing Ltdestablished in 2010 and registered capital of the company is 360 million RMB. It is one of the best expert of custom automation companies. There are 1700 staff in the company and more than 110 members in development team.


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