White Melamine Board Cut To Size engineer wood

Product name: white melamine office furniture board cut scale White melamine-resin particleboard and melamine-medium density fibreboard can be pre-cut into various convenient and easy to handle sizes according to size, suitable for wood melamine shelves, wallboards, desktops and desks and other applications What is the size of melamine board? Melamine board is not an obvious material, but refers to the use of melamine impregnated paper pressed on the top of the board. Base material can be density board, particleboard, joinery, multilayer board, etc. If all are classified according to specifications, the thickness can be divided, the width and length can be divided, and the moon mountain can be made in various sizes according to your requirements What is white melamine board? Is the melamine board is ordinary paper melamine resin adhesive soaked, then dry curing in a way, it store established in particle board, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, joinery board, multilayer printed board or other hard fiberboard surface thermal pressure after decoration Advantages are white melamine surface particle board cut into size 1. It is a multi-functional, convenient and universal solid wood material for indoor building 2. Suitable for manufacturing, cutting and drilling, with good machining ability 3. Easy to operate and convenient in size 4. Excellent strength, uniform and smooth melamine surface and edge We can provide white melamine tablets cut into the size of the service Yueshan decorative arts as an important manufacturer of office furniture board industry, our customer value professional consultant experience, we have the correct answer to every question. We are very happy to provide white melamine office furniture cutting board custom services, melamine face particleboard cutting board custom. Through bevel cutting, edge folding, pre - drilling and other methods, the precise cutting. We will provide you with continuous help during the ordering process. We are 100% committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services.


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