YAYAG Laser Beam Combiner G Laser Beam Combiner

Beam combiner is a kind of partial refection mirror. It combines two or more wavelengths to one light path. As good quality fused silica is used and optimal design film is coated, normally beam combiner transmit IR wavelength and reflect visible wavelength.

YAG beam combiner is mainly used in system alignment by laser diode. Designed for AOI 45 deg, they transmit 1064nm laser beam and calibrate it with 90 degree reflected laser diode beam.



Fused silica

Diameter tolerance:


Thickness tolerance:


Clear aperture:



<1 minute

Surface quality:



λ/2 @ 6332.8nm per inch


S1: T >99% @ 1064nm, 45 AOI

S2: T >99%@1064nm, R >85%@650nm, 45AOI


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