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Today, the development of the isolation industry is receiving more and more attention from people. And there are so many heat-insulating materials on the market that people find it difficult to assess which one is better and which one to choose. Aerogel as a modern heat insulator due to its properties has become noticeable, if you want aerogel to buy the price at a reasonable and wholesale price, then contact us!

Aerogel price
Aerogel helps consumers save money during use. Compared to other Aerogel insulation blankets price is a little expensive, and, accordingly, the investment value of consumers will increase. Then how does an aerogel help reduce costs? Firstly, its service life is long; Secondly, its warming effect is different, which will help reduce heat loss and low temperature, saving energy. So the aerogel price is not expensive, but affordable and even cheaper!

Why buy aerogel?
The reason to buy an aerogel lies in the many benefits of airgel. Here is the following:
1. Excellent insulation performance:
As a new type of thermal insulation material, the aerogel from Joda, which is an aerogel manufacturer and supplier from China, has a number of excellent thermal insulation properties. When the test temperature is 25 ℃, its thermal conductivity is 0.018 W / m · k; Under conditions of low temperatures, that is, at -25, the thermal conductivity is only 0.015 W / m · k. And the thermal conductivity of polyurethane (PU) is 0.026 W / m · k at a test temperature of -25. As for vacuum insulation panels, the effect of thermal insulation of insulation materials by aerogel is more excellent and can be recycled. Therefore, at low temperatures, to achieve the same insulation effect, the aerogel based insulation can be thinner than the thickness of polyurethane insulation (PU).
2. Extreme durability:
The unique nano-three-dimensional network structure provides excellent thermal stability to avoid phenomena such as deformation and sharply reduced insulation effects like traditional materials in long-term use.
3 Excellent water resistance:
Lotus-like hydrophobic effect, hydrophobic rate of more than 99.6%.
4. Excellent compression, stretching, crack resistance:
Our aerogel heater has excellent physical properties, is resistant to wild violence and internal stress due to hot and cold alternation. In long-term use, it does not settle, does not deform. Our heat insulator is light and easy to install, has a high gas tightness, its construction period is short and the utilization of space is high.
5. High-quality environmentally friendly products:
The chemical properties of the heat-insulating material based on aerogel are stable, there will be no volatile substances in the process of use, and it also does not decompose or become moldy, having good corrosion resistance. In the production process, no harmful gases are generated, and the concept of environmental protection is also reflected in the production technology. The resulting solid waste can be recycled, we can say that the aerogel here belongs to recyclable environmentally friendly products.

Aerogels are used in construction and industry as heat insulating and heat-retaining materials for heat insulation of steel pipelines, various equipment with high and low temperature processes, buildings and other objects. It withstands temperatures up to 650 °C.

Buy aerogel at a profitable pricefrom us
We have our own plant for the production of silica aerogels and its fiber-reinforced composite - an aerogel composite with fiber batting, so the aerogell to buy the price from us is more profitable and cheap.

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