11KV Recloser Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32 seriesvcb rating for 11kvare used in distribution systems.11kv auto recloserisused to make and break normal and fault currents.11kv outdoor circute breakerisfully equipped with sensors and a controller to provide a means of protection and control. In case of a line fault, breakers can break and make currents several times, thus avoiding longer network interruptions due to temporary faults.

The manufacture, design, and testing of the vcb11KVbreakerby ourelectric power equipment ltdChina is based on current standards IEC 62271-100. We can give you the most competitive11kv circuit breaker price.

Application of 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The 11 KVvacuum circuit breakeris equipped with one integrated current transformer per pole. The current transformer has a ratio of 600 A:5A.

VCBrating for 11kv is for protection purposes and optimized for operation with the controller.

Technical Parameters of 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Products Type


Maximum System Voltage


Rated Continuous Current


Rated Frequency


Short Time Withstand Current


Mainly Active Load Current


Number of Load-break Operations


Short-circuit Making Current (peak)


Number of Making Operations

5 times

Cable Charging Current


Line Charging Current

Closed Loop Circuit Current


Transformer Magnetizing Current


Wet Condition-10sec Ph- Ph-Eth, Across Interrupters


DryCondition-1min,Ph- Ph, Phase to Earth


Dry Condition - 1 min AcrossInterrupter


Phase to Phase, Phase to Earth


Across Interrupter


Internal Arc Test

20kA /0.1 sec

Arc Extinction Medium


Insulation Medium


Creepage Distance (Silicon)


Dry arcing distance


IP Level


Closing/Opening Time


Mechanical Operations (Guaranteed)


Operating Temperature (*Manual Type)


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