Solar cell tester

Model Name GTC-3A GTC-B
LampSpectrum Inlinewithiec60904-9spectralIrradiancedistributionrequirement(AM1.5)
Lightintensity 100mW/cm2(continuousadjustablerange20-120W/cm2)
Lightintensitynon-uniformity ±2%Agrade ±3%
Instabilitydegreeofirradiation ≤±2%Agrade ±2%
Testresultconsistency ±0.5% ±1%
Testerrorofelectricalproperties ≤2%
Singleflashtime 10ms
EffectiveTestrange 200x200mm
Measuringvoltage 0~0.8V(resolution1mV)
Measuringcurrent 0~20A(resolution1mA)
TestParameters 1sc,Voc,Pmax,Vm,Im,FF,EFF,Temp,Rs,Rsh

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