WB Motor-driven Reciprocating Pump

Product name: WB electric reciprocating pumpProduct classification: reciprocating pumpⅠ Main applicationThe over-current part of this reciprocating pump is divided into two kinds of material. Cast steel material is exclusively used in pumping water or oil products and other noncorrosive liquids. Stainless steel material is made of Iron 1Crl8Ni9Ti,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, which is suitable for pumping all kinds of acid and alkali liquid. This pump is particularly suitable for tank car unloading and other occasions that need imbibition. The highest temperature of the medium conveying in this pump is 150℃. If users require higher temperature, please choose WBR high-temperature reciprocating pump.Ⅱ Structure specificationThe pump seat is divided into 1#, 2#, 3#. It is a compact, advanced-designed pump, the reduction gearbox of which adopts secondary variable speed belt gear and is lubricated in a way of splash. The stainless steel pump piston ring is made of by special bowl-shaped PTFE ring from our company which is wearproof, anticorrosive and tightly sealed. High-pressure type of this kind of pump adopts double valve plunger structure while low-pressure type adopts piston ball valve structure. The design of these two structures is action-sensitive, sealed and reliable. To meet the requirements of the users' needs, different electric machines should be used based on different flow and pressure.WB Electric Reciprocating Pump (Product Parameter)Item No.Flow (m3/h)Pressure (kg/Cm2)Piston diameter (mm)Piston stroke (mm)Motor power (r/kW)Reciprocating times (Z/min)Suction size ( flange)Outlet size( flange)Series ofSeatW    B    1WB1-0.75/160.7516361001450/2.21301"1"WB1-0.75/250.7525361001450/31301"1"WB1-0.75/400.7540361001450/41301"1"WB1-6/5651001001450/4653/2"3/2"WB1-6/156151001001450/5.5653/2"3/2"WB1-10/71071601001450/7.5455/2"5/2"WB1-13/31331601001450/5.5655/2"5/2"WB1-13/61361601001450/7.5655/2"5/2"Series ofSeatW    B    2WB2-1/1201120361201450/7.51451"1"WB2-2/60260501201450/7.51451"1"WB2-10/1510151601201450/7.5375/2"5/2"WB2-10/2510251601201450/11375/2"5/2"WB2-20/52051601201450/7.5735/2"5/2"WB2-20/1020101601201450/11735/2"5/2"WB2-30/33032101201450/7.5734"4"WB2-30/63062101201450/11734"4"Structures of WB1-0.75/16 WB1-0.75/25 WB2-2/60 are as shown above.  Plunger type, dual valve seat.


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