HFP01 Soil heat flux board

HFP01 is a traditional soil thermal performance tester used to measure the heat flowing through the body it is attached to. The actual probe in HFP01 is a thermocouple. This thermocouple measures the differential temperature above and below the HFP01 plastic body. Completely passive operation produces a tiny voltage output proportional to the temperature difference. Assuming that the heat flux is stable and the thermal conductivity of the plastic body is constant, and its effect on the heat flow type is negligible, the signal of HFP01 is proportional to the geothermal flux.
HFP01 is easy to use. To read the results, only a voltmeter that works accurately in the MV range is required. The voltage is converted into heat flux through a calibration constant; each board has a dedicated instrument to provide its own calibration constant. HFP01 is a waterproof probe that complies with CE standards.

Recommended Use:
Assessment of transpiration and measurement of Bowen ratio in scientific research fields such as environment, agriculture, forestry and atmosphere.
HFP01 features
■ Easy to operate
■ Waterproof, connect 5 meters cable
■ Especially suitable for high thermal conductivity, suitable for soil and wall use

Technical Parameters


About 50 µV/ W.m-2

Resistance (rated)

2 W

temperature range


Reaction time

± 4 minutes (similar to soil)

Measuring range

+2000~2000 W.m-2

Temperature dependence


Origin: United States

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