CS135 Ceilometer

CS135 Ceilometer is an instrument used in meteorology and aviation. Using laser technology to measure the height of the cloud and high vertical visibility. Measurement principle: quickly send low-power laser pulses to the clouds, and detect the backscattering of the clouds and aerosols above the instrument.
The CS135 Ceilometer uses a dual-axis single-lens design, which greatly reduces interference and improves near-field performance. Its laser pulse shape and real-time digital technology use the latest high-speed, high-power scanning converters, combined with interlaced scanning technology. , Can ensure excellent measurement resolution and accuracy. The instrument uses a powerful 32-bit microprocessor and a field-programmable array to run advanced signal processing operations to obtain multi-layer cloud bottom and sky conditions.
The CS135 Ceilometer has good environmental adaptability and can be used in harsh environments. The double-deck design with heated windows and internal heating and cooling ensures that the internal system maintains a stable temperature under various weather conditions and avoids condensation. Optical radiation filters are used to protect the internal optical components from direct sunlight. All electronic connectors connected to the host have surge protection. In rainy, snowy, or undetectable cloud bottom information, the system provides vertical visibility information.
Ceilometer can provide RS-232 and RS-485 standard data communication interfaces. The calculation formula of cloud detection is built into the instrument components. The Ceilometer uses a modular design concept, and fewer types of spare parts are required for field maintenance, so it can be easily replaced without readjustment and calibration.

Dual-axis single-lens design improves signal-to-noise ratio, maximizes detector sensitivity and extends range
Easy installation and maintenance, light weight, low power consumption, portable use
Advanced signal processing technology
The filter protects the detector from direct sunlight
Integrated heater, blower and radiation shield

technical parameter:
Maximum detection range:
Minimum resolution:
5 meters/15 feet
Scan time:
2~120s (can be set)
±0.25% or ±4.6 meters
100.0 x 33.0 x 31.6 cm
Power requirements:
Nominal 110 (106-137) or nominal 230 (216-253) VAC, 47-63 Hz, 470 W maximum
External heater:
Internal heater:
Pulse duration:
100 ns
Pulse frequency:
10 kHz
Laser wavelength:
905 nm
Half-angle laser divergence:
0.35 mrad
Laser life:
Standard 10 years
Eye safety distance:
working environment:
Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 100%
IP rating:
IP 66
Standard communication:
RS-232, RS-485
Output rate:
1~3600s (can be set)

Origin: United States

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