Compound Fertilizer with Humate

Product Description

Black powder or brown powder, soluble in water and weak alkaline, which perfectly combines humic acids and nutrients at different levels of availability. It can combine with NPK or seaweeds fertilizer. 


Product Specification



Product Name

Compound Fertilizer with Humate


As customer required.

Water Solubility


Particle Size

PH Value

Active Content


Product Benefits

  1. double effect of quick-acting and long-term fertilizer.
  2. soil moisture. It regulates acid-base scale of soil.
  3. chromium and other deleterious substance absorption,  thus eliminated harm to human body, which is first choice fertilizer to produces green non-environmental.
  4. and weather. Accelerate the growth of plant. Modify the soil.  Improve the growth of microorganism.


Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand.


至: 杭州萧永生物科技有限公司
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