electronic circular locus tester

Circular Locus Tester is designed to test the pilling property of fabric and fiber pure yarn and blended yarn, knitted, woven fabric.Circular Locus Tester is ultra-low noise design. Top cover opening design, easy to maintain. The specimen holder is made of high quality stainless steel material. Preset counters, easy operation.

The instrument is used to test the pilling conditions of wool fabric, chemical fiber cotton, and blended, knitted, woven fabric to identify product quality and process effect. When testing, the fabric is rubbed against nylon brush and abrasive, or rubbed against abrasive only in the humidity state.

GB/T.1Determination of pilling properties of textile fabrics - Part 1: Circular trajectory method
JIGBell-type gas flow standard device verification procedures
DIN.2Testing of textiles - Wear test of flat fabrics – Roll to mill

Test Parameters
Items Parameters
Grinding head is in contact with grinding plane ≤0.2mm
The parallelism of grinding head and grinding plane ≤0.3mm
The relative movement trajectory of grinding head and grinding plane 40±1mm
Nylon brush surface is flush, its height difference <0.5mm
Grinding plane reciprocating speed 60±1 times/min
Weight of grinding head 490cN±1%
Weight of heavy hammer 290cN±1%
Weight of hammer 100cN±1%
Select the number of times 1~9999

1. Scientific mechanical structure, smooth rotation, no mechanical noise, no contact fatigue failure, suitable for long continuous operation.
2. The use of standard nylon brush, the rigidity of nylon wire must be uniform, so as to control the fluff effect of nylon brush.
3. Ergonomic design, the surface using a spray forming, smooth and beautiful.

Test Reference
Sample type Pressure / cN Number of fluff times Number of pilling times
Synthetic fiber knitted fabric 590 150 150
Chemical fiber woven fabric 590 50 50
Military service (combed blended) 490 30 50
Combed wool fabric 780 0 600
Coarse wool fabric 490 0 50


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