Three channel Filter Efficiency Test Bench

The three-channel filter efficiency test bench can be used to filtration efficiency and resistance testing for non-woven filter material, glass fiber filter material, the new filter material.
(1) 42CFR84-2005 US new standard for respiratory protection
(2) EN149: 2001 Respiratory protective devices – Filtering half mask to protect against particle - Requirements, inspection and marking
(3) GB19083-2003 Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical use
(4) GB/T2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment -- non-powered air-purifying particle respirator
(5) EN1822 Highefficiencyairfilters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) Part2: Aerosolproduction, measuringequipment, particlecountingstatistics
(6) IEST-RP-CC021.1 Testing HEPA and ULPA Filter Media

·Filter part
·Spray part
·Flow sharing section
·Filter installation part
·Detection, control and data processing output section
·Fan power part
·Efficiency testing
·Resistance testing

Technical Parameters
·Filter test area: 100cm2
·Test flow: 32L / min, 85L / min, 95L / min (optional)
·Efficiency detection range: 85% -99.999%
·Resistance detection range: 0-1250Pa
·Test particle size: PSL (0.3μm) quasi mono-disperse
·DEHS (0.3um-0.5um concentration 70%) (optional)
·Aerosol cross section distribution uniformity: ≤ 10%
·Upstream dilution: 1: 7-10


·PSL aerosol generator

·500 W inverter One
·Dilator One
·Standard 2.5 flow-meter One
·Particle counter Two
·Pneumatic filter installation One set
·Dedicated data processing software One set
·Self-purification filter One set
·Electrical console One set
·Conveying pipe (stainless steel) One set
·Equipment covered area
1000 * 650 * 1650mm (L * W * H)


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