The PDC drilling drag bitis a composite of four main components: the bit body, the drag blade, the water diverter cap, and the nozzle. Forged from medium carbon steel, the bit body integrates the drag blade and water diverter cap, anchoring at the upper end to the drill column through threaded fasteners. The drag blade, alternatively referred to as the blade wing, stands as the central operational part of the drag bit.

Ideal for traversing soft soils and pliable, fragile formations like mudstone, muddy sandstone, and shale, PDC Drag bitare a staple in drilling applications. As one of PDC drill bits manufacturers, Top Tool's Drag bits are typically tailor-made, drawing extensively on client blueprints and dimensional stipulations.

Features Of PDC Drag Bit

PDC Drag Bits are optimized for soft and cohesive formations. They cut rock akin to a knife through soft metal. In pliable terrains, the blade penetrates under drilling pressure, with the rock flowing plastically due to torsional forces, facilitating a layered extraction at the well's base.

Features Of PDC Drag Bit

Advantages Of SML PDC Drag Bit

Tailored Design: Our senior designers craft designs tailored to client specifications, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Enhanced Water Hole Design: The oversized water hole feature improves water intake and slag discharge, amplifying drilling efficiency.

Balanced Wear Technology: PDC Drag Bit employs an equal cutting volume principle for tooth placement, ensuring even wear and maximizing bit lifespan.

Advanced Hydraulic Structure: Our PDC Drag Bit integrates a blade wing hydraulic design with water eye and flow channels, promoting timely bit cleaning. This avoids repeated rock chip breakage, maximizing cutting efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: We employ pioneering medium-frequency induction low-temperature brazing and PDC drill bit mold forming techniques to guarantee superior drill bit quality.

Broad Formation Compatibility: The Drag Bit is versatile, suitable for drilling in soft to medium-hard (grades 2-6.5) non-abrasive formations.

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