Thermal conductivity 2.0W/mK

Conforming, ideal for delicate conponent

and low stress applications

Cure at room or elevated temperature

100% solid, no cure by-product


Automotive electronics;

Electricvehicle battery pack;

Computer and peripherals;

Between any heat-generating

semiconductor and a heat sink;

XK-S20 two part thermal gap filler cures at room temperature or elevated heat, featuring high performance and superior softness. It deflectsat low compressive forces and accommodates a variety of different gap thickness.It is a perfect solution for fragile components with hightopography or tolerances.


GLPOLY has launched an product—thermal gap filler XK-S20 which could be equivalent to CGW-2. GLPOLY is the only one to develop such comparable product to CGW-2 in China.

We don’t give customer a technical data sheet only, we’ll test the physical, electrical and thermal properties according to customers’ statement after we get samples, then we test every parameter of GLPOLY thermal gap filler XK-S20, Actually, many counterparts don’t even undertand the test standard of each parameter. How they can provide alternatives.

Comparing with key characteristics of CGW-2, GLPOLY thermal gap filler XK-S20 has the advantages.

Firstly, low silicone oil leakage. It should be tested by standard of ASTM D120. Maybe some people laughed at us why did you release the true report? Customers didn’t know the detail. We don’t provide fake data and would never do this. Test report showed that oil leakage of XK-S20 thermal gap filler was 5%, and it’s half of that of CGW-2.

Secondly, Pressure and compression. 30% of compression under 40psi, it’s tested by universal mechanical instrument. During the test, GLPOLY R&D supervisor found that this test standard was not fit for compression test. GLPOLY drew up a scheme for compression test, this scheme is not only considered as a corporate standard, but also a industry standard.

Thirdly, viscosity. This is one of most concerned points. Viscosity would affect quality and dispense speed of thermal gap filler. Once, one of our customers said 320pas viscosity of XK-S20 was too high, and requested us to decrease the value to 240 pas, matching CGW-2 spec. Actually CGW-2 provides a viscosity of 330 pas, “maybe there is difference between test instrument or given revolution .” We discussed this with customer. When we contrasted the data, we needed to understand or make clear if there is any difference between customer’s test standard or instrument and ours.

GLPOLY thermal gap filler has been applied to EV battery pack and automotive electronics in Xiaokang motor, Welling motor etc, recognizing by customers with proven reliability.

GLPOLY Provides you with advanced thermal interface materials and technological thermal solutions, keeping your devices performing cooler, and extending service life.

GLPOLY XK-S20thermal gap filler is supplied in two component, designed for automotive applications, such as battery pack, motoretc. This materialhas been appliedin leading enterprisessuch as Xiaokang Motor, Welling Motor, Farasis Energy, Leap Motoretc:

1. Thixotropic, excellent slump resistance, no sag;

2. GLPOLY introduces nano-scale grinding machine to decrease particle size by 30%, improving contact between particles, optimizing heat transfer, no peers would do this;

3. Mix ratio ”1:1”by volume. Suitable for automated dispense processes;

4. Ideal for uneven topography, deforms under low compressive force, decreasing stress on component;

5. Cures into sheet, in place of thermal gap pad;

6. Accommodates a variety of bond line thickness to multiple devices;

7. Proven reliability under low and high temperature thermal cycling, prediction service life for more than 10 years;

GLPOLY XK-S20 thermal gap filler is adispensable gap filling material with 2.0W/mK thermal conductivity. This material is thixotropic and has excellent slump resistance staying in place. It is compatible with automated dispense processes. Ideal for fragile parts, low stress applications, and in place of thermal gap pad.


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