High performance

Low thermal impedance

Good electrical insualtion

Easy assembling


Automotive electronics

Digital disk drives


Industrial and medical equipment



XK-P50 is athermally conductive,electrical insulation gap filling material with 5.0W/mK thermal conductivity. This material is suited tohigh-powered electronicdevice which requires rapid heat transfer, whileperforms stable.XK-P50 is offered with natural tack on both sides for ease of assembly.

GLPOLY conformable thermal gap pad has following advantages:

1. 5.0W/mK thermal conductivity;

2. Excellent surface wetting for low contact resistance;

3. No reinforcement thus decreasing thermal impedance;

4. Highly conformable, improve thermal contact;

5. Low pressure versus deflection, decreasing thermal impedance;

6. Proven reliability in extreme temperature cycling and thermal shock;

GLPOLY is the only one that can compete against Hankle, Fujipoly thermal interface materials, providinging exceptional performance product, even better.

XK-P50 is a high performance, electrical insulation thermal gap pad with 5.0W/mK thermal conductivity designed for high-powered industrial control devices and medical equipments.

Before Chinese New Year, we provided samples for an industrial control equipment manufacturer. This customer used Fujipoly GR45A before, for some reasons, they wanted to find an alternate in local market, and we knew each other at the Productronicachina Fair.

The customer asked whether we could provide any practical cases of applications, he wanted to make sure this was a mature product for volume production, we understood.”This material has been applying to radar, 5G telecommunication and automotive electronics already.” we showed him cases.Customer decided to start testing before Chinese Spring Festival. When we returned to office after Chinese New Year, we received feedback from customer, ”XK-P50 is suited to our application, I’ll introduce it for mass production.”

GLPOLY thermal management materials has following advantages and benefits:

1. High thermal conductivity 5.0W/mK

2. Automated production ensure the consistency of products, full-inspection, eliminating possibility of defective products output

3. Reliability proved by customers such as DT Mobile, DJI etc

GLPOLY has partnered with LG, DJI and Han’s Laser, Freetech NIO Motor etc , Providing them with performance thermal interface materials to help them design devices that run cooler.

GLPOLY helps you solve thermal management challenges with comprehensive support and time-tested knowledge.


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