Temperature & humidity test chamber

This product series is widely used in the temperature variation tests, cold resistance tests and storage with low-temperature in the fields of aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrument, electric products, materials, parts and components and equipment to analyze and evaluate the property and performance of the samples under the
simulated conditions
Model TH-100 TH-225 TH-500 TH-800 TH-1000
Workroom dimensions(cm) 45*45*50 50*60*75 80*70*90 80*100*100 100*100*100
Exterior dimensions(cm) 105*97*176.5 105*102*200 132*132*217 147*152*231.5 167*152*231.5
Temperature ran -20℃ ~+150 ℃
Low type Ⅰ: -40℃ Ⅱ:-60℃ Ⅲ: -70℃
Humidity range 20% ~ 98% RH
Temperature fluctuations ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature deviation ± 2.0 ℃
Humidity deviation ± 2.5% RH
Heating rate RT ~ + 150 ℃ more than 40 minutes (about 3 ℃ / min)
Cooling rate RT ~ - 40 ℃ more than 60 minutes (about 1 ℃ / min)
■ Structure characteristics

1. Equipment structure takes up stainless steel plate plus (41090) power for hull painting. It not only has good profile, but also has fine corrosion resistance.
2. It utilizes imported closed-type compressor unit imported from Europe and USA, which has solid and durable structure and is endurable and can greatly enhance service property and life of the equipment; it takes up advanced energy-saving design, which can save electric power by 30%, save water by 20%, and it uses HFC refrigerant that will not harm human body and nature, you can conduct test in safe way;
3. It has advanced and innovative control theory, it integrates three control systems of PLC, HMI and SOC in fine way. Control is correct by 100%, and you can experience the novel control feeling;
4. It utilizes most powerful and reliable PLC and special modules in the industry circle. 50 programs and 2500 steps are provided for user to make setting/storage and running;
5. It utilizes protection module for safe voltage, the withstand voltage can reach 500V. After energizing the equipment, the equipment will not be burned and it can protect the equipment by 100%.
6. It takes up high-sense FastAIT monitoring and refrigerating system imported and achieves effective control and management for refrigerant volume;
7. It has automatic safety protection switch, which has high sensitivity, can detect any state, cut off protection and give alarm in shortest time and assure safety of the personnel and equipment;
8. It utilizes the advanced USB storage device in the industry. It is the only one for using the USB interface for storing data. It has not only large storage capacity and fast transmission rate, but also is portable, has great supporting property and is convenient.;
9. It can separately raise temperature, reduce temperature, humidify and dehumidify, it utilizes unique BTHC flat constant temperature and humidity regulating mode;
10. The radio tele-monitoring system takes up IPC/SCADA architecture LAN network interface, it can connect to more than 200 equipments at the same time, and it can avoid the complex wiring and eliminate the regional limit;
11. Large temperature and humidity range: 20~98%RH, the moisture can reach within 10%RH after installing the dehumidifying device;
12. It has air supply and circulating system, which can avoid dead angle of air flow in the chamber and improve the uniformity degree of product temperature and humidity.
■Control system:
TEMI880 touch-key type temperature and humidity programmable controller
Operating interface: LED display
Temperature and humidity controller: touch-type LED controller
Setting mode: touching type
Running mode: setting-up running and programmed running
Program: 100 groups in 1000 sections
Resolution: temperature: ± 0.1 ℃; humidity: ± 1%RH
Input: platinum thermal resistance
Control mode: PID control
Communication function: LAN network interface
Additional function: alarm and display function, power-off protection function, upper limit temperature alarm function, timing function (auto startup and auto stop), self-diagnosis function, curve record and display function, paperless record, USB data export, tele-monitoring and so on.
It can execute 100 STEP X 10 PATTEM mode
Each section can be grouped and executed in crossing way.
The execution time for each section can be set up between 0-999H plus 59min.
For setting up for each group, it can circulate within 1-999 in part or entirely for option.
In execution, it can select group circle picture or section execution picture and can know the remaining time for execution.
It has power-off function. After power recovery, it can complete the remained test.
It can select single-section control or multi-section programmable control.
The screen has backlight time control function and it can adjust the backlight brightness.
For executing single-section control, it can change the execution value at will. The memory-type multi-function control has automatic control output functions, such as heating heater and humidifying heater for electromechanical solenoid valve for different groups of refrigerating compressors and so on.
■Water supply
Water supply mode: water lifted by pump
Water supply port: convenient front water supply port
Water storage tank: built-in stainless steel fixed-type water storage tank (with a volume about 15L)
■Safety device
Humidifier dry-combustion protection, independent over-temperature protection, water shortage protection, over-current protection, refrigerant high-pressure protection switch, over-current circuit breaker, earth leakage protection and so on.
■Operation ambient temperature: +5~+ 30℃
■Power supply:AC220±10%V 50±0.5Hz single-phase double-wire + protective grounding wire/ AC380±10%V 50±0.5Hz three-phase four-wire+ protective grounding wire
1 cable hole (Φ 50,) cover, 2 sets of shelf, 2 protector tubes, 1 overflow water tube, 1 copy of operating specification
■Optional accessory:
recorder, tele-monitoring software
1. The products above can be customized according to demands of the clients;
2. The technical parameters above are the data obtained under room temperature of 20℃ and non-load condition.
Implementation and meet the standards
1.GB/T10586-1989 damp heat test chambers;
2.GB/T10589-1989 temperature test chambers;
3.GB/T10592-1989 high-temperature test chambers;
4.GB2423.3-93 (IEC 68-2-3) Damp heat test Ca;

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