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Between anyheatsourceandaheatsink;

XK-D30L is a two-part thermally conductive adhesive, combiningfeatures of thermally conductive, electrical insulation,semi-rigid bonding and sealing. It is ease of use, long service life, suitable for automated dispensing system to improve productivity and bonding effect. XK-D25 is designed for strong bonding of metals or plastics. Better effects can be achieved when it is used together with GLPOLY bonding adjuvants.


GLPOLY Thermally Conductive Structural Adhesives Are Designed For CTP Battery Cell Bond.

GLPOLY thermally conductive structural adhesives XK-D range of products are divided into two catetories in terms of application, XK-D12 is used for soft packing battery (pouch cell), the other sort like XK-D20 and XK-D30 are designed for prismatic battery.

Many customer asked which project is GLPOLY thermally conductive structural adhesive being applied when they contacted GLPOLY for the first time. Actually, thermally conductive adhesive was just used by C company and B company in high volume, for other companies, it’s just small-scale application. At the productronicachina exhibition, the R&D director visited our booth and chatted with our coleagues:” Wacker did not involve in thermally conductive structural adhesive, do you think it’s a trend that thermally conductive adhesive applied in new energy electric vehicle battery pack? Now we are starting to develop thermally conductive structural adhesives too.” It’s a trend or not, we don’t want to define, but we are fully confident of boom of delivery of thermally conductive structural adhesives after 2022.

I’ve sorted out the materials of new energy EV CTP battery pack and found that the items concerned most by engineers were thermally conductivity, tensile strength, shear bonding strength, hardness, elongation and shelf life etc, in addition, the fluency of dispense and fluidity of material were concerned too. The design requirements of each customer are dissimilar, but it does not matter, GLPOLY is confident of providing customized service for customers.

1. Has no equals in features of bonding strength, roughness, thermally conductive and electrical insulation;

2. Bonding strength is 30% higher than that of competitive products, withstanding impact of 12m freefall superimposing speed of 120km/h ;

3. Eliminates the need of mechanical fasten, increasing volume by 20%, reducing components by 40%, improving productivity by 50%, competitive products can’t achieve these objectives;

4. Withstands 2500V at 0.28mm thick; dielectric strength is up to 14kV/mm, 40% higher than competitive products;

5. Performance degradation is less than 5% at 85 Celsius degree, RH85 for 1000 hours, and performance of PU deceases by 40% for 500 hours;

6.25-year service life, three times longer that that competitive products;

7. Flammability UL94 V-0, when it leaves fire, it goes out; some competitive products would be burned out;

8. Cures for 13 hours at room temperature, two times faster than that of competitive products;

9. Application temperature: -45℃~175℃, short term: 250℃, 15% higher than that of competitive products;

GLPOLY thermally conductive structural adhesive is designed for “CTP” battery cell bond, providing 8MPa bonding strength, and compatible with automated dispense processes.

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